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I am having a great day. On impulse I went to walk after I ate breakfast and did a few chores. It was wonderful. The track I went to is an old railroad track that they have paved over for walkers and bicycles. It runs through sections of old forests and behind houses. Today it was almost deserted. On the way in there is a soccer field, they had set up five firetrucks, concessions and such, and one of the fire trucks had two hoses spraying the extatic children running across the field. Enough to make me wish I had brought my camera. I went on by and onto the bike path to walk, glancing along the sides of the path and into the woods beyond as I went. Snakes take to the warm asphalt of the path too. I have seen kingsnakes and copperheads (the snake every southerner knows). As I walked the leaf-litter rustled with six lines skinks and small green tree lizards running from me. After about half a mile I got the shock of my life, three fauns stood next to the trail, happily eating and watching me approach. I moved to the other side of the trail to give them room and they let me get within six feet before leaping up the slope and into the trees. One stood about three feet off the trail and watched me pass. (why do I never have a camera with me when these things happen?) I walked on to the two mile marker and turned around. On the way back I saw two fauns and a doe at the same spot, hiding at the top of the embankment. I was tempted to scare them as I walked past. For wild deer to be so comfortable around humans is never a good thing. That area of forest is barely 5 miles square. It is a small park along the river surrounded by the city, I would never have thought deer could have been there.

I am making dinner at my new place tonight for my parents. I am making chili with baked potatoes and salad. I hope nothingelse goes wrong today. I glanced up in my kitchen and water is leaking from the air vent in the ceiling, soaking my stereo!

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