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My need to “do things” is often at odds with some of the techs here at the pharmacy. I want to know how to fix the machines if they break, how to refill everything, what to do when something runs out. This comes a bit from working night shift so long and working every shift there is for the pharmacy. If something goes wrong or breaks on nights you can’t just leave it till the morning, or delegate it to someone else, there is no one else, you have to fix it. This means that you play with things and try what has working in the past and store away any new information that you get (always ask questions, what do we do if it breaks, who do we call? right when you get a new machine) However this attitude means that I am the one the other techs come to to get things fixed or done and is can get annoying (especially when it is something the others should know how to do).

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