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Been reading several very interesting articles and wanted to share and comment.

The gist is that every person has a certain level of tact they use when speaking to others. The article then goes onto say that “nerds” have a lower tact level and that is why they are so blunt in conversations.??? If someone is more blunt in a conversation that is their way of conversing or personality. Is the article pushing that introverted computer geeks have less social skill because of a lack of tact or that all “nerds” are without tack?

For someone who had no idea what a Quince was, this was a good look into the plant and several wonderful recipes. Follow the links in the article to learn more.

A new study has show what we have been using for years (ala Sesame Street) using music and songs along with learning boosts the retention rate and linguistic ability.

  1. Learn how real pig farms are run. (the difference between the good and the bad)

  2. The strange way of Ferrofluid

Check out the magnetic liquid “sculptures” through the links on the page, very cool. You can even buy your own kit and play.

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