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Stella keeps getting me to meet and talk to people as we walk ( with her everyone will love and pet me attitude…lol) I spoke with an older gentleman a few weeks ago who asked to pet Stella. He said he had lost his dog to old age a few weeks ago. We talked and I told him about Stella’s sister who was poisoned by eating charcoal out of a turned over grill. As we went on to continue our walk he said “How could you trust anyone who did not love dogs.”

As a animal lover myself I agree, but many people are afraid of dogs (even the ever lovable Stella, she seems determined to rush up and meet everyone and has a knake for finding the ones that are unsure or afraid). I am trying to teach her to let them come to her, but it is slow going. She loves to play and be petted by anyone, even if they do not want to. She wimpers and moans when people go by and ignore her when she is at her cutest and will still not play with her.

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