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I have had a good day rambling around the house today. I made a chicken pot pie for lunch (got the recipe of a can of soup, hate to say) but it still was good. In a pie pan you mix canned veggies (or frozen that have thawed), 1/3 cup milk, one can potato soup, diced chicken (raw and thawed, or canned), and then mix one egg and one cup flour with a splash of milk and use to top the above mixture. Took almost 2 hours to cook and I should have added some extra spices to liven it up a bit but over all not bad.

I have decided to clean out my cabinets (add save money) this month and so have had several random dining creations come out of my kitchen. The strangest was yesterdays angel hair pasta, olive oil, basil and parsley to season, mixed in with a drained can of asparagus along side a baked potato.

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