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I want a skill. I read an essay a few months ago talking about how one woman’s grandmother would tell her she had to tell God when she got to heaven how she used the skill he gave her, because he will have the list in total, even the hidden and unknown abilities.

I do not know if I have really used any of mine. How do you choose what to pursue and what to hold to a hobby? Do you make the time for every possibility or do you allow the one over-riding love to take hold?

When God asks how I have used his gifts I want to smile and say; “Look at my hands, worn and brown with earth, I have used them well. See my eyes, sparkling with sun and starlight. See my legs strong and willing, even after many a mile. My arms have held animals and children alike. My heart has rejoiced and ached, been broken and mended in time. My soul has grown with age till it barely fit my body.”

and when he smiles and says yes but what of the skills I have given you? what do I say then?

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