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I was once asked by a coworker to describe a migraine; since his wife suffered from them, he wanted to understand what she was going through. Though it was several years ago, here is my current take on the subject. When I get a migraine it starts out as a tightening of the back of my head and a slight tension headache. Then the light sensitivity, motion sickness, and blinding stabbing headache comes in. Normally sleep is the best cure and you can hardly hold yourself vertical with the above symptoms anyway. Recently I have also added what are called ocular migraines and aura. Basically they are electrical flair ups of the ocular nerve as part of a migraine, which cause you to have deep eye pain, see black spots, have fuzzy vision or fuzzy circles in your vision, or are unable to focus on an object. I thought I needed glasses because of this on and off eye pain and fuzziness (only one eye). I have been taking Excedrin migraine lately also which gets rid of the headache but not any of the other symptoms. It allows me to function (most of the time) however sometimes even that does not work and I wind up spending hours in bed trying to sleep it off.

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