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Several things to post today so sorry in advance if it is a bit rambling.

I called the police on my neighbors after twice this month being kept awake till after four in the morning by their band practice. I called the police, and they called me back ten minutes later with no idea where my townhouse is. Does this mean most emergency services would not know where I am? not a very good thing.

I was speaking to one of my new coworkers and she was horrified to find out I do not have a TV in my bedroom…or a radio…or a computer. I am sorry but I want dark, quiet, and a bed in my bedroom….nothing else. Except maybe a lamp to read in bed by lol.

Listening to Breaking Benjamin and reading Real Simple, Claimed by Shadow, and trying to write (will be posting the results later).

Having a rather depressed week full of feeling bad and migraines…here is hoping this week is better.

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