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Well my vacation to see my friends in Washington D.C. has fallen through now that I have managed to get time off of work. I now have a week off and no where to go. I was thinking of going to the beach. I love to walk and bike the beach. I could walk and bike and take naps. Drive into Savannah, Ga and wander the town. I am thinking of Tybee Beach, it is small and near several major towns. Wear cut offs and wade the beach for shells till my toes turn blue.

My sister wants me to go to Charleston and take a week long cooking class. I am not sure if I want to go or not. Yes the cooking class would be fun but I am not sure I want to rope myself into a timetable while I am on vacation. Plus I have a feeling I would wind up spending every night with them and get no time to myself.

If I go to Tybee I can go visit, or they can come visit, but I still get a bit of distance and time for me.

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