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Happy Thanksgiving!

This weather here is driving me nuts.

It is in the 80s or higher every day. Except for one 3 day stretch of light frost I have had no need to wear coats or sweaters yet. My air conditioner is still on!

I am trying to pack for my trip in mid-December and find myself at a loss, sweaters and jeans, shorts and tee shirts or polos, tanks tops? What should I pack?

It might be hot, it might be cold, maybe both. I feel like I am packing way too much.

I am trying to plan for two three day trips. I am very excited to be going to see Brookgreen Gardens. My dad came back with a ton of photos of the gardens and sculptures.

Plus I have found out they have a zoo, a bit one with only native animals.

I am also looking forward to going kayaking. It will be my first time and so far it does not look good. I am the only one signed up for that day, and they will not do a trip with less than two people. While I am in Charleston I am planing to bike all day and play with my niece in the evenings.But plans tend to fall apart, akin to Murphy’s Law.

We will have to see what really happens.

On a better note my plants are loving the move into the house, in evidence by all the blooms.

The finches are fluttering about the few plants left out and picking at what seed is left by the squirrels. I want to get a finch feeder for my porch.

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