• Amelia Sides


I was talking to a pharmacist at work today and she has planned out an entire menu for Christmas already. I have not thought about Christmas at all. I am working so it has to be something that will reheat well.I have a stack of recipes I want to try but none that I think I should make for Christmas dinner, or lunch in my case. I know I am making eclairs for work and this is always a good standby for my family but I want to try something new (and I do not think my relatives will like Brussel Sprout Quiche). Since I am trying to save money right now I have been cooking my lunch and dinners for the week. Tomorrow is leftovers from Thanksgiving but today is salmon with couscous and sauteed sugar snap peas in garlic and lemon oil. The bad thing about cooking for one like this is I have two more dishes like this in the fridge.

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