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Trying to decide what to bake for Christmas this year. I know I am making eclairs for my office and I have a party this weekend I have to bring something too as well. I want to make something different. I found a recipe for lemon tart and one for german stollen that looks amazing but I have not decided yet. I want to make the cinnamon sugar cookie recipe I have been hanging on to soon, maybe for when my sister visits.

I am just about packed for my trip except for a few favorite items that I have to wash. I have been working my way through my “To be read” stack these last two weeks. I have finished Territory by Emma Bull, Path of Honor and Path of Fate by Diana Francis, Chicken Soup for the Horse Riders Soul II. I am currently reading Eat Love Pray by Gilbert, which is rather disapointing. I will probably finish it and pass it on as it is an okay book, but it is not one I hunger for more as I am reading, nor are the descriptions very well written.

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