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Everyone keeps looking at me like I am insane when I tell them I am going on vacation by myself. The fact is I need to prove to myself I can do things like this trip by myself. Not that I want to be alone but I need to know I can do this alone. As I tell the people at work I never turn down an offer to help.

The fact is I live alone. I cannot always expect my family and friends to drop everything and come running to save me or be able to go on trips and vacations with me. I need to be able to travel confidently by myself.

There are so many places I would love to go, want to go to see, things I want to do. I can’t expect to have someone who wants to go with me.

I would love to go camping and hike the mountains for a week. (I can hear my mother dying of fear for me from here) As a single female it is considered too dangerous to do such things by myself.

So I am looking into group trips I can join but the prices are extreme and do not include the air fare to get me there. My mother found a singles tour of the group canyon that sounds amazing and was fairly cheep. I would love to go to Montana to this women’s only horse back trip. While researching the road to my beach vacation in a few days I found out that the road runs straight up the coast, past Kitty hawk, wetland sanctuaries, islands and harbors, nearly to Maine. That would be an amazing road trip.

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