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Well, my vacation has gotten off to a bumpy start. On the first day, driving to the bed and breakfast, my car starts smoking and then is no longer able to shift. My transmission has gone out. By some miracle I was still in Charleston, SC a few blocks from where my sister works. I was able to goose my car along to her office and hang out till she could get off. Now we just have to get it to a transmission mechanic here and pray it is something stupid, like oops the mechanics who JUST SERVICED it forgot to tighten that gasket. So I am now stuck at her house surfing the Internet and watching day time TV (the horror), until her husband can take me to get my car and take it to the mechanics. So as all good plans go, mine have been completely blown.

So I have been searching the Internet and reading blogs and email and found the following…. You Are an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

On the surface, you’re a little plain – but you have many subtle dimensions to your personality.

Sometimes you’re down to earth and crunchy. Other times, you’re sweet and a little gooey. a list of cookbooks every cook should have, and sadly I do not.

A beautiful animation of the Bayeux Tapestry a site I love with some great ideas for what to get a chef or cooking person for christmas.

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