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Well I am back from my sort of vacation with photos! This is the window I looked out for three hours while trapped in my sister’s office’s parking lot (my car had apparently ran out of transmission fluid due to a leak). So I never made it to my bed and breakfast.

A view of the front of my car. Still trapped.

This is my sister’s cat Hazel. (Witch Hazel)

This is my sister’s terror of a dog, Hendrix (Jimmy is rolling in his grave).

And here is my Sister and my Neice, adorable no?

and that is the sum of the photos since on the trip to Brook Green Gardens it started to pour and we decided not to pay $12 dollars a piece to be miserable, cold, and wet. So after a three hour drive we turned around and went home. That is the sum of my vacation. Played with my niece, chatted with my sis, wandered around downtown while waiting to see if my car would explode (did not thankfully, seems to be fixed). And now back to work and home, (with people parking in my parking spot at home, got to love my neighbors.)

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