• Amelia Sides


This has been both a wonderful and horrible week. It has been a great week for getting things done. I have studied and cleaned my house everyday. Which has lead to clean laundry, floors, and dished, answers given in class, and people wanting to be in my study group. However, it has also lead to exhaustion, no exercise, eating all manner of junk, and tossing my diet out the window for the second week. It also meant that I was rather disappointed in my riding lesson this week. In this week of “Getting Things Done!” I wanted to progress on my dressage lessons. Instead the horse I was to ride lost a shoe and the other I can ride was work very hard the other day and not up to an hour long lesson. So instead we went on a trail ride. While it was the perfect day for a trail ride and the weather was beautiful, it was not what I really wanted to do. The kind of trail rides I like are active with canters and trotting, not walking for an hour. Not what I wanted at all for a paid lesson either. My lesson next week may be canceled also because of a three day horse show in town that my instructor may be going to. I have finished several books and will be blogging about them in a later post.

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