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This week has had my buring desire to write and no time to do it. I get up every morning and try and rush through my chores, studying, and taking care of my dog to get a little bit of time for myself to read a book, write, or check my email. I start doing one thing, get sidetracked by another, and get next to nothing done. Today I got a lot done around the house but no studying, no time to read (or breathe). I feel like I have been cleaning my house one room at a time for weeks.

I am trying to plan my garden for next year. Since I have no yard I am going to try a container garden. I want to grow zucchini, tomatoes, and maybe peppers.

I think my heel pain and ankle problems is Plantar Facisitis. I have ordered an ankle brace for at night and arch supports for at work. I will just have to wait and see how they work (fingers crossed). I have been on a severe comfort food run that requires minimal effort. My current favorite is an old standby of when I was in high school. I take a can of tuna, drain it, place the tuna in a bowl, add a scoop of mayo, salt and pepper, and pickle to taste, then scoop it out of the bowl a little at a time with captain wafers or saltines.

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