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Had an hilarious walk with my dog a few days ago. Vultures were flying along the river, one buzzed the path, landing among a group of about 4 others in a old dead tree. Stella went nuts. Seems she did not know that giant black birds lived along the path and were waiting to attack. She barked and fussed at the ones in the tree. Then when we had passed them she scanned the tree tops along the paths diligently protecting me from these new found monsters.

My containers for the porch have come in. I went and bought my tomatoe plants and planted them but I am saddly one container short. I wanted to plant one of tomatos and one of zuchinni, but the containers were smaller than I thought once I got planting. I now have two containers of tomatoes, a pot of rosemerry, repotted mumms, and a new planting of jalapenos I am waiting to sprout.

Between the flu bug running around work and school and my parents getting sick, I have picked up a cough and lack of a voice this week. While very annoying and making me lose my voice randomly, I do not “feel” bad. Beyond a cough and a sore throat I seem to have missed all the dabilitating symptoms.

I am in the middle of my midterm exams so I have not read anything new or gotten any new CDs to listen to. I have several books pre-ordered that I am really looking forward to recieving, The Heart of Valor (third in the series, starting with The Better Part of Valor by Tanya Huff) and Bloodhound, the sequal to Terrier by Tamora Pierce. I also have two cookbooks I bought a while back that I have not had the time to do more than skim through. There are several recipes I want to try with no time to do so.

Since I managed to get sick I have been dreaming of stews and icecream. Soothing comfort food that I can nuke and reheat the left over for a week. I have been relying on quick to make meals nearly completely consisting of carbs. Nuking a potato and covering it with cheese and ranch dressing is so much easier than making one of the weight watchers recipes I am supposed to be living off of. I did decide that I am giving up sodas for lent (or trying to…) once the one’s I have in the house are gone, that is it, no more. My problem is I only like water that is “really” cold. Maybe if I put a pitcher in the fridge. The pitcher I have is currently my plant water pitcher, it may be time to buy a watering can :).

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