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The last few weeks have been horrible. I have been very stressed out and always tired.

As soon as someone asks how it is going with my war against my neighbors parking in my parking space, they start parking there again. I am very tired of leaving notes on peoples cars and parking in the guest parking at midnight.

My dog pooped in my spare bedroom right before I left town for the weekend and I did not find it until I got back.

I am reorganizing that room anyway and have a pile of books and clothes to take to Goodwill and random pictures and such to throw away. I have to sort all that out sometime soon.

Right when I thought I had my schooling set and I would just get a degree ASU screws me again. The three classes I have to take to finish my degree are not offered at a time I can take them. I found a school that has them online only to be told that ASU would not accept the classes. So I have to find a new degree to get that will work with the classes I already have. There are a few online degrees in Information Systems or a Health Care Management degree that would work. I just have to see which will work for me.

Part of the stress is no exercise or horseback riding. I was having many problems, random on again off again lessons, no real lesson program or lesson horses to use, at the last place I was at. I have the number to several barns I just need a day off to call then and ask questions.

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