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I know I have not posted in forever, but between school, exams, vacation, and being sick I just could not face looking at the computer at all (or wasting time I could be using to study). So no posts. This post will have to be a catch up post of everything I have been hoarding to show you guys. Hope you like.

A woman was kicked off of her flight because she refused to medicate her child into silence.

A new study shows that older runners do better constantly then their younger counterparts. Is is because the younger group are psyching themselves out of the race? Could be applied to so many sports.

On the anniversary of the 9-11 disaster a blogger recounts how it changed her life and both made it for the better. Inspiring post.

Friendship Cake. I drove my family crazy with this for almost a year straight as I baked and baked, tweaking the recipe. I gave away dozens of loaves and it became known as “Chewy Bread” by the owner of the barn I worked at. Wonder recipe.

How to hack and recycle that old desktop computer. The pictures are amazing.

When your state does not own its own roads.,9171,1673288,00.html

A wonderful rant on the ADHD drug wars going on between parents-children-doctors and scientists who have their research interpreted wrong. or try this, not a medical disorder yet children are being treated for it.,9171,1689216,00.html

America as seen in statistics.

Singled Out : How Two Million Women Survived Without Men after the First World War by Virginia Nicholson (I really want to get this book)

A rant on why you should strive to be the “Good Enough” mother and not the “Perfect” one.

The homeless experiment. Could a person with no money and only the shirt on their back live the American dream? The answer seems to be yes, with determination and time.

Real life invisibility. Check out this artists impersonations of invisibility, done with cloth and paint.

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