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Check out my Tomatoes!!!! Container grown at that!

In the middle of spring cleaning and trying to organize my house right now.

I have several projects that I have been putting off because of class that I am starting back.

My final exam is Wednesday, and after that I can create and cook all I want for two whole weeks!!!

I have been re-reading the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. I love how the story flows and draws you in.

My hair is driving me nuts! I am growing to it to donate to Locks of Love in July. I want a short hair cut for the summer, but having hair to the middle of my back right now is irritating.

I have been dabbling with painting and have a piece planned in my head that I do not have all the paint for yet. I am thinking brown and red or blue stripes with the top of a candy box affixed to the bottom. I am then going to cut out flowers out of copper, copper mesh, and sheet metal to be blooming out of the crease in the heart shaped box. Should be strange if nothing else.

Here is my latest attempt when I was playing with the paints I do have right now. I know it looks like something a five year old could do, never said I could paint, just that I was trying, lol.

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