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Was reading earlier this week about collecting things and when to let them go.

The thing is you seldom realize just how little you really need to have a normal self sufficient life. I love my condo but the move and figuring where everything is to go, yes even almost a year after I have moved in. I am constantly sorting and sending things to good will. Small things do crop up. I love to collect art and prints and tend to run out of walls very quickly. I also buy way too many books and have problems purging them. As soon as I get rid of a few, I realize one of them was one I want to re-read. I then have to get a new copy, spending money, again, on the same book I just gave away.

The personal things in life are very hard to down-size. I was recently talking to my parents about cleaning out their attic (and all of my sisters and my things that are still up there). But what I have up there is the dolls and toys my grandparents gave me while we were growing up. My grandmother loved to croshe (sp?) and knitted me about twenty dolls. They are beautiful and I love the effort she put in to them for me. It will be very hard to get rid of them. My parents think I should choose the few I love the most and keep those. The rest could be given away. Maybe we could donate them to the hospital I work at.

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