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I am still having a hard time learning to cook just for one. It is hard to say I only need to make a cup of spaghetti sauce, only one cup of rice, one cup of beans. I am still learning how to make desserts and bake in small amounts. I have always baked for a party or work, making 2 dozen of whatever. Now I have to teach myself how much I will need for just a week with me alone. I have yet to get to where I cook without having leftovers I wind up throwing away.

Here is a post about eating alone and the restrictions and liberties it places upon you.

I was amazed to find that the cheese I just bought and opened today from the store is molding. I trimmed off the mold and threw it in the freezer. Has anyone else noticed that the quality of produce and goods at the super market are going down since the food shortages started?

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