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I had a good time this weekend at the lake with my parents, sister and niece. Although I was exhausted and stressed out about classes, it was fun playing with my niece.(even if we should have not taken her out on the boat. She is still too young for it and a bit too small for the life jacket.)

It took me all weekend to upgrade my computer and get several sections of computer homework done. I managed to get my accounting software to work and working my way through two interactive lessons.

I have been in a bit of a funk about cooking. Not only are the fresh ingredients expensive right now, my budget is really stretched at the moment. I would love to try ratatouille or something like that. I have a slab of cod waiting on me to buy seltzer water so I can make homemade fish sticks and no time to make them. Maybe in two weeks when I am off for a weekend I can get a day to myself to get caught up on my house cleaning and cook a real meal.

My niece is well on her way to class clown. She loves to make people laugh. I was making faces at her so she would not fuss in the car and blew a raspberry at her. She proceeded to blow raspberries at me for almost five minutes non-stop. I have not laughed that hard in a while. I wish I had my camera on me.

I was eating my way through a bowl of fruit today only to hit a strawberry that tasted like…nothing. It was completely bland. Why do store bought strawberries do this? I have bought strawberries from farmer’s stands and such and never came across a strawberry that did not have a bit of flavor. Yet the hot house strawberries sold at the store lack a major something….taste. Maybe it is the size of the berries. These berries are always huge.

I am reading my way, bit by bit, through Mothernight. It is an absorbing book. The plot seems a little predictable and weak but the characters grab you and refuse to let go. Enjoying it so far and will have to see how it ends.

I bought a pair of blue cheese hamburgers for lunch tomorrow. They should be good. They look amazing with the chunks of blue cheese popping out of the meat. I am trying to decide what time to make them. I have class at 1230 and have to leave by 1200 to make it on time.

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