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I have been praying to the rain gods lately. As I walk delivery runs at work I glance out the windows, hoping for afternoon showers. So far we have received no rain in almost a month. Every time there is a chance of rain, I hope, whisper prayers, looking for that tale-tell summer thunder head. My heart races at the sight of dark clouds passing over, only for them to completely pass over with no rain heading our way.

This summer is determined to be hot. To keep my electric bill from going crazy, I have set my air to 80 degrees F and left it there day and night. I am enjoying working out in an air conditioned gym. The gym membership is a lot less than my riding lessons were. I do want to start lessons back but I think I may be waiting till the fall so I am a bit more back in shape (maybe till the fall, so I don’t die of heat-stroke again, lol)

I cannot decide what to do with my next crop of tomatoes. By the end of the week I am going to have about 20. Do I give them away? Keep them and make stuffed tomatoes? I love stuffed tomatoes but that would mean a trip to the store which I am trying to avoid. I am trying to go to the store less, hence forcing myself to get creative with what I have in my pantry. I manage this in fits and starts. My main problem is cooking for one. Do I un-thaw a six pack of meat? Separate them and only eat one piece? Cook all of them and hope I can eat them in a week? I am getting less and less inclined to cook because of these problems.

I made some wonderful eclairs last week for Father’s Day. I made my normal Boston Cream Eclairs and an new version of strawberry eclair. I made the strawberry eclairs two ways. I made my normal small bite-sized pastries, split them, put a dollop of custard inside and topped it with 2-3 slices of strawberry and placed the top back on the cream puff. In half of the rest I mixed pureed strawberries with the custard (way too loose, would not set). No matter what I did this would not thicken. I think next time I will use just whipped cream, top with strawberries, and drizzle with chocolate. The recipe for the custard and bite sized eclairs is on my recipe page, the link for it is at the left hand side of this page.

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