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Do we become judged by our names or grow into them?

I used to hate my name because of the Amelia Bedelia books. I got teased horribly at elementary school with it. I hated those books. Not only is the main character an idiot, she never manages to redeem herself. She is the eternal haphazard, clumsy, idiot. By that time I was already hooked on books and learning. I loved to learn and being compared to an idiot everyday was a nightmare. Now I like my name. It is fairly unique in this area, only a handful of people I know has it (mainly at work, lol).

For a long time I went as Amy, unless like at school where there were several Amy’s at class (Still encounter a ton). A woman who rode at the barn I used to ride and work at was convinced I was two people. Amy, who worked at the barn, and Amelia, who leased and rode a horse. Once she realized it was just me she started calling me Amy Amelia.

I have had others tell me I spell Amy wrong, that it should be Amei or Amie.

Why do so many people choose to go by their nicknames or middle names?

Do they just not identify with it or just hate it because they were tormented about it? Now a days you can change your name to anything and do not have to stick with your birth-name. When do you decide to make the change permanent or just go by a nickname for the rest of your life, constantly having to correct people? Do they worry about what their parents will think, how their family will react if they change their last name too?…losing this family’s history and connections?

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