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I have been having a very good few weeks since I got back from Washington D.C. It really makes for a good week when everyday someone stops you to say that they love your new hair cut. I had a wonderful time in D.C., (barring the hangover from a lunch full of mojitos and sun). We rambled through a section of D.C. that was a bit like Charleston, full of touristy shops and a waterfront. It still had some wonderful hidden away shops that were great. We ate at a wonderful Cuban restaurant and walked around the east market which is a lot like Charleston’s downtown market, a former slave market that sells local crafts, food, and art.

I have been reading a ton of books since I am out of class. Some of my favorites were,

  1. Scar Night by Alan Campbell

  2. The Meridith Gentry Series by Laurel Hamilton

  3. The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

  4. Resolute

  5. The Yellow Dog by Charles de Lint

  6. Solitaire

  7. Garlic and Sapphires

  8. The Rowan by Anne McCaffery

  9. Growing up in the Kitchen

  10. Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant

  11. Shadow’s Return by Lynn Flewlling (4th in the series)

  12. The Hob’s Bargain by Patricia Briggs

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