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I have been cooking a ton this week while I was out helping my mother after her hip replacement. I made dinner nearly every night and lunch some days. I made liver and onions, tuna pasta salad, cube steak and mashed potatoes, and a chicken and rice soup. ( I have been exercising like mad to shed a few pounds from the above meals).

I also did laundry and dishes everyday. My night-owl tendencies have not made it very easy. I had to get up by 8am everyday, sometimes earlier and my normal bed time in 2am. I managed to wrangle an evening off to run errands one day (Thanks Lynne), and wound up taking a nap. It took till this week till I managed to get a realistic sleep schedule going. I did manage to finish the two paintings I have been working on and off on for a month. Sadly, I was so happy to mail them to my Sister and my friends in DC, I forgot to take a *&##$%% picture of them! I was rushing to mail my neice’s Horton blanket she cannot live without to her as well as the painting for my sister’s upcoming birthday.(Hope you like it Sis, thought it would go with your soon to be redone kitchen.)

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