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It was strange stripping my home of all the random junk and personal items. I keep reaching for a scrap of paper to write something down and only having clean countertops. It is not fun to have to hunt through closets and bags to find your toothbrush. I do love the look of my kitchen with all the extra counter space. I think I am going to try and keep it this way.

It was strange that stripping the rooms down like that depressed and upset me once I was done. I loved the action of getting rid of all the extranious junk that clutters the rooms, but then I had overflowing closets and trashbags lining my halls outside of the shots. Once it was over I hated not having the personal items where I needed them. I could not sleep at all the night after doing it. I had piles of things in the upstairs hall and in my bedroom that needed to go back to where they belong. I wanted to organize everything then, but was afraid I would never get to sleep if I did.

I desperately wanted to organize and find my treasures again.

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