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They say that working with computers is changing how we think and write. That it is making us forgetful and less likely to read real novels and books.

My writing style has changed over the years, leaning more toward free-form essays and poems that anything stylized. But a lot of the articles coming out now are shorter with more entertainment value and less information that would take time to read. I have not really altered how I read or even how much I read. If anything I write more than I ever have.

I already think my brain runs differently than most people. I tend to lock into one direction, one goal and push toward it relentlessly. I keep having people tell me that I am very organized. I just think I am being practicle. It is how I learned to work around my single mindedness. I am either on a one way track or completely scattered and nothing gets done. I still have days like that but I have learned how to compensate and push till I get at least one thing done for the day. When people comment on how much I get done in a day, they don’t seem to realize that I have broken down the action over several days. It may take me two to three days to do two loads of laundry, a week to manage to vacuum one room.

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