• Amelia Sides



The Top Ten Books of My Life

  1. Solitaire by Kelly Eskridge

  2. Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara

  3. Under the Tuscan Sun by Mayes

  4. Any thing by Charles de Lint

  5. Drawn to the Rhythm by Sara Hall

  6. The Meridith Gentry series by Laurell Hamilton

  7. The Kris Longknife series by Shepard

  8. The Crystal Singer series by McCaffery

  9. Little Women

  10. Black Beauty

There are way too many classics to list here. I also have several series that I followed as I was growing up that I now do not like, such as Ann Rice and Anne McCaffery’s Pern series. You have to include The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Tanya Huff’s Singer series. This was just a taste of my favorites.

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