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I am having another surreal week.

How is it that no matter what I try to pick as a career it does not work?

I was stopped in the hall yesterday by a nurse who was one of my teachers in high school. She asked what I am doing in college right now. I explained that I am taking a break before starting a computer technology degree (not going to happen, they are charging 500 dollars a credit.) She immediately went nuts asking why I was giving up on Pharmacy school. I explained about needing to take Calculus to go and having tried to take it four times. She thinks I just need to get a tutor and really apply myself to the class.

I would love to go to Pharmacy school, but I seem to have set myself up to not get in. I would need to take 3 chemistry courses and calculus now plus retaking the PCAT. I also own my own home now so if I did get in I would have to rent it or sell it. The loan I got to buy my home says I have to live here 6 years or I have to pay back the 7,000 dollars the gov contributed. Not sure how any of this would work. I could always try to take calculus again with a different teacher and a tutor but if I fail it again I would be wasting money and destroying my GPA, again.

Just really tired of all of this right now.

And this is my week to work 9 days in a row, lol. Got to love how fate hits you up-side the head.

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