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Guess where I went yesterday? The herons, kingfishers, and turtles were out in abundance.

The old spill way sits just past Ray’s Creek Aqueduct. Which is what I really wandered down to photograph. However, the creek running over the falls was dry and the pool below was full of people playing water fetch with their dogs. So instead I walked about 6 miles total and got a few amazing pictures. I will have to return to the falls after a good rain. 

They are still working and reconstructing the old pumping station. The bridge here has been closed for years as they build. But the path just past it is more than worth the noise and long walk.

Bound on either side by water it is normally a very cool walk once you are in the trees. The river was very low, but the canal was brimming from last weeks rain.

The bridge in the distance is my normal turn around spot if I am walking from the Dam on the Savannah river and the start of the Canal. It is about a three to four mile walk from the entrance at Lake Thurman.

The wildlife is why I love this path. A six mile ramble that you can bike or walk in the middle of town with otters, herons, egrets, and hawks. Utterly wonderful.

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