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I have had a wonderful day off. I think it is to make up for the horrible day I had yesterday. I got cornered by a nurse who proceeded to tell me how conserned she was for me since I have gained a bit of weight and am looking fat. Arn’t you glad I had a bit of self control and did not cuss her out? Topped off my horrible week at work. Today I ran errands, had a long talk with my mother on the phone, puttered around with my houseplants, went to the bookstore picking up something to read and a new journal. I also sent my package for Blogging By Mail winging its way to Wisconsin.  The weather today has been horrible. Sheets of rain, whole linen closets of rain and wind dumping down along with a wonderful fall chill. A bowl I sit outside to collect rain water to water my plants with is brimming and the creek behind my house is a raging smear of brown water. I am a bit stuck in my book at the moment. I have not figured out my ending and have wrote my main character into a corner. I am doing research for several earlier scenes and hoping I stumble on a good idea for the ending.

I was watching one of my favorite movies during lunch today, You’ve Got Mail.  I love Meg Ryans character and her struggle with her life. In one scene she has a soliloquy on how she lives a “Small Life” that I love. I immediately connected with it. 

I do the same. It makes you question if you are “living small” because you are used to it or because you are  uncomfortable pushing farther. I am trying to push my writing further and eventually push my career and life farther but it is a very slow haul. It is had to distinguish between normal life and procrastination.

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