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I have been in rampant cleaning and uncluttering mode.

Ask my best friend Lisa or my parents, I am not one to hold onto things. Mementos from a random vacation I barely remember, gone. Something you gave me from your random vacation that means nothing to me, gone. My one hold over was books and even that has been dwindling. I am finally getting rid of all the series I loved in middle in high school that I no longer really like but still have since I have the entire series, many are gone. I once added up that I had more than 3000 books. I bet that number is now closer to 1000 or less.

I caught myself staring at random things I had lined up on one shelf and wanting to ditch all of it.

My current dream is to pack exactly what I really want to keep and walk away from the rest, to a new life with no closets full of boxes of crap and papers I “must” save.I would ditch all the random things and detritus from my childhood, school, and college in a heartbeat.

That is my problem, my gut says to toss it all and walk away. But I do not know if this is running away or just trying to start over.

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