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Too much time on my hands

I haven’t played this much World of Warcraft in years. This last week I earned multiple mounts.

Sandy Saber Mount

Waveblade Ray

Saltwater Seahorse

I’m playing random quests and dungeons and now remembering why I skipped all these quest lines, why is every quest in legion attached to a raid? No one wants to play legion right now so it’s stupidly tiring trying to find guild members to travel and do a raid with me.

Anyone who has played with me knows I tend to solo because guilds have a low tolerance generally for people who are on at random times. The last few expansions have pushed the group content heavily to the point that you can’t progress the story line without joining in some kind of guild or group. WOW made it a bit easier with group searches but it can be very frustrating to find groups for everything.

Add in the constant push to complete the new Mythic dungeons to keep up with improved gear and what should be my relaxation time is turning stressful. In response I’ve been grinding for reputation and completing the smaller things that I can, like mounts and low level quests that I can solo.

I can only hope the Shadowlands is less group heavy and move solo friendly when it arrives.

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