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To Do List to end all Lists

The way my life has been going lately I decided I need to list out everything I have going that I need to work on in one way or another. The list got rather long and snarky fast.

  1. Finish the edit of The Mage’s Daughter (By end of June)

  2. Finish Rewriting the ending of above. (By end of June)

  3. Publish The Mage’s Daughter as an Ebook. (July)

  4. Format the short story collection you are working on for ebook. (On hold)

  5. Finish writing Blood Work – Detective story (On hold)

  6. Finish writing Red – Supernatural story

  7. Finish writing Parasol – Steam Punk story (On hold)

  8. Finish writing Silver Wing – Sci Fi story (On hold)

  9. Finish writing Cheapside – Fantasy (On hold)

  10. Finish writing Fanfiction for Avengers (On hold)

  11. Finish Fanfiction for Sherlock (On hold)

  12. Finish writing the sequel for The Mage’s Daughter (On Hold)

  13. Work on story with Paul

  14. Budget out what will be needed for hiking trips

  15. Budget out how much repaint of house will be, also maybe carpet.

  16. Budget how much closing will cost.

  17. Organize your fucking paperwork.

  18. Get totals for all expenses, both for the budget and what the sale will cost. (Excel)

  19. Work on Instinct once a week with Guitar.

  20. Do full strip down clean of the entire house. (borrow steamer for this)

  21. Organize the kitchen and get rid of everything you have not used since you moved in. Have not used it in a year? Box it.

  22. Buy or borrow a trimmer for the lawn and cut back the bushes.

  23. Set up blank wall as a check off list for outlining and to do lists.

  24. Go for a fucking walk, no one cares what you look like.

  25. Get new shoes for work.

  26. Get a hammock.

  27. Get a personal trainer?

  28. Plan trips out of town soon.

  29. Go walking at the zoo and take more pictures.

  30. Take your camera to the barn, cute horse pics are always a win.

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