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To Do List (July)

  1. Finish the edit of The Mage’s Daughter (By end of June)

  2. Still working on this, slow going. Damn, my old writing sucks!

  3. And to type up the edits, sigh.

  4. Publish The Mage’s Daughter as an Ebook. (July)

  5. Review Smash-words publishing again.

  6. Finish Rewriting the ending of The Mage’s Daughter. (By end of June)

  7. Working on this now. Need someone to review.

  8. Remember: Just write it does not matter how it sounds until later. Just get words on the page, we can tweak later.

  9. Finish writing the sequel for The Mage’s Daughter, The Mage’s Daughter: Exile (Book 2)

  10. Organize a notebook with chapters and notes on sequel.

  11. Block out timeline for main character.

  12. Working on outlining the next few chapters. Need to find alternate ending and re-write for scene.

  13. Format the short story collection you are working on for eBook. (On hold)

  14. Reflections

  15. Hiking story, needs to be completed.

  16. Finish writing Blood Work – Detective story (On hold)

  17. Stuck on the next scene so I am jumping ahead. Just write something even if I don’t use it later.

  18. Finish writing Red (Urban Fantasy)

  19. Where is this going? Outline!

  20. Finish writing Parasol – Steam Punk story (On hold)

  21. Find the damn missing scene, I am missing the final page I wrote.

  22. Finish writing Silver Wing – Scifi story (On hold)

  23. Finish writing Cheap side – Fantasy (On hold)

  24. Finish writing German Wolf – Erotica (On hold)

  25. Need someone to validate my German.

  26. Finish writing Fanfiction for Avengers (On hold)

  27. Finish Fanfiction for Sherlock (On hold)

  28. Already have this worked out, just need to write it down.

  29. Work on story with Paul

  30. Need to work on dialog to at least get started.

  31. Work on Story Prompts

  32. Story based in London…

  33. Science fiction version of beauty and the beast

  34. Jane Eyre prompt

  35. Budget out what will be needed for hiking trips

  36. stove and fuel

  37. Researching: Wood, Alcohol or tablet, vs Canister systems

  38. Canister systems and wood are the heaviest

  39. Wood systems are more expensive.

  40. Pot (or use small pan you have)

  41. Need to see if I can get a loan to cover the stupid loan I have to pay back if I sell the condo, ugh.

  42. Talk to dad about this, do I go to my bank or his?

  43. Get totals for all expenses, both for the budget and what the sale will cost. (Excel)

  44. Call Mortgage Company.

  45. Call Realtor, why has she not called me back yet?

  46. Budget out how much repaint of house will be, also maybe carpet.

  47. Paint even if you are not selling before rental if you have to. (July)

  48. would be painting three rooms at least.

  49. Call and ask Reed Davis about painting estimate.

  50. Organize the House and get rid of everything you have not used since you moved in. Have not used it in a year? Box it.

  51. Need to go through kitchen cabinets.

  52. Buy or borrow a trimmer for the lawn and cut back the bushes.

  53. Trimming the bushes and mowing.

  54. Look up how to trim azaleas without killing them.

  55. Go walking at the zoo and take more pictures.

  56. Work on Instinct once a week with Guitar.

  57. Take your camera to the barn, cute horse pics are always a win.

  58. Get a personal trainer?

  59. Go for a fucking walk, no one cares what you look like.

  60. Buy more pens, how do I only have three pens in the entire house?

  61. Buy more notepads. How do I never have enough?

  62. Use the ones you have, before we buy more.

  63. Plan trips out of town soon.

  64. Folly Beach

  65. Ceaser’s Head, SC (best in Sept-Nov to see the birds of prey)

  66. Delonaga, GA

  67. Tybee Island, GA

  68. Hunting Island, GA

  69. Charlotte, NC

  70. Table Rock

  71. Cumberland Island, GA (

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