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To Do List for Today

Things are piling up again on my to do list so I thought I would list everything out in public to get a little accountability and public reminders going.

  1. Writing

  2. Get at least 1000 words down on the Ch. 1 Mage rewrite tonight.

  3. Apply editing advise to Ch. 2, see how it is going to look.

  4. Edit Burned and post out to AO3.

  5. Edit the next chapter of Collapse and finish writing. Post to AO3.

  6. Outline the next chapter of Standing on his Own.

  7. Outline the next chapter of Lost (Ryan Arrington).

  8. Clean house.

  9. Vacuum the house.

  10. Clean the bedroom.

  11. Do the dishes and put them up.

  12. Organize paperwork in office.

  13. Read a few chapters of a book, keep off the computer.

  14. No video games until you get your writing done!

  15. Try Skyrim again.

  16. Lets try and get to 85, panda is still cranking out the levels.

  17. Brush Stella.

  18. Take chocolate to work so you don’t eat it all (done)

  19. Set appointment for Stella to get her nails trimmed.

  20. Price the jig I need for cutting bottles (candle project)

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