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To Do List for this Week


  1. Clean and organize the office.

  2. Put up and organize all the random paperwork.

  3. Rip all CDs into computer and put up.

  4. Clean the bedroom.

  5. Clean the kitchen and do dishes.

  6. Organize the craft table.

  7. Open shop on Etsy.

To Do this week:

  1. Rake the yard. (Half done before the rain hit.)

  2. Edit short stories.

  3. Organize book paperwork for editing.

  4. Organize and finish pouring candles.

  5. Start list of places to submit.

  6. Read all magazines and shelve. (finished cooking magazines and need to do P&W)

  7. Get list of agents together. (buy book)

  8. Rework letter and submissions to agents.

  9. Take pictures of candles and post to Etsy.

  10. Practice guitar and get ready for February Class. (buy more picks)

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