• Amelia Sides

To Do List for the Weekend

The main thing on my list is editing. I have a new stack of notes from my editor to read and use to rework my Mage novel. I am really liking where the story is going and how the scenes are shifting to a more personal, up close view of the characters.

  1. Writing

  2. Editing Mage

  3. Finish rewrite of Ch. 2

  4. Finish rewrite of Ch. 3

  5. Outlining and research for Ryan Arrington Novel.

  6. Research for Assassin Novel

  7. read more of Black Hawk Down.

  8. Type up alternate history ideas.

  9. Life

  10. Go for a walk at the Zoo and take my camera.

  11. Laundry

  12. Get new day planner.

  13. Groceries for the week.


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