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To Do List

Crampy, nauseous, tender and waiting on test results. Not adding up to a good day today.

I have writing plans for this afternoon if my body and work keep things on an even keel. I managed to get an amazingly small amount of work done while I was on vacation thanks to doctors appointments and my Father’s surgery. So here is my revised

1. Call Rental agency website and get password reset…again. I really hate their site. 2 . Call bank and get online stuff reset. (sensing a theme yet?) 3 . Clean house, the dog bunnies are taking over again. (a never ending battle.)

4 . Finish rewriting chapter one of Mage and plot out the possible extra chapters before she meets the Captain. Send to RJ. 5 . Work on chapter 2 notes. 6. Outline the entire novel and write out character maps and notes for new chapters.

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