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To Do List

Keys to a Beach House

I spent this last weekend editing until my eyes felt like they were going to bleed and hacking up a lung in the pollen coated yard. But I GOT THINGS DONE!!!!

The next set of rewrites are complete and off to my editor which means it’s time to churn out a few chapters for my other projects before she sends me the next chunk of edits for my novel.

Next weekend is fixing my porch and ordering my Hammock. I cannot wait. Maybe the baseball folks will be good for a few days so I can chill in my hammock with the mutt and read for a day or two.

I am so ready for a vacation. Might figure out a short beach weekend once work settles back out. Anyone have a beach house I can borrow for a few days?

What I have in progress…

  1. Ryan C. Arrington.

  2. Short Story Edits

  3. Need to rewrite Reflections

  4. Research more submission options.

  5. Fan-fiction

  6. Burned

  7. Losing my Religion

  8. Standing on my Own

  9. Variations of Ice

  10. Lost and Found

  11. Projects I am researching for.

  12. Woman Assassin

  13. Non Writing Things

  14. Clean the porch.

  15. Clean the kitchen.

  16. Order the Hammock!

  17. Move furniture in my living room. (Yes, again.)

  18. Order the bottle cutter and more wax, the last kind I bought was too cheap.

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