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To Do List

TO DO LIST (ignore the formating, WP is driving me nuts)

  1. Finish weeding the front bed and putting in the border to contain the monkey grass.

  2. Work on the handwritten novel 1.Type up each chapter 2.Edit

  3. Work on the Mage Novel. 1.Work on the time line. 2.Fill in the needed scenes.

  4. Submit more short stories to different publishers.

  5. Write more short stories. One a week.

  1. Clean and paint kitchen cabinets.

  1. Remove backsplash in kitchen and re-tile with new tile.

  1. Update Resume and start looking for future jobs.

  1. Finish badge holder necklace for co-worker.

  1. Work on my French every night!

  1. Get Dad to help me hang the new curtain rod and drapes.

  1. Organize the kitchen cabinets and put down shelf paper.

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