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This week has flown by. I’m finally getting into a rhythm with work and home I hope.

I made Keto brownies from a package and so far I am not a fan. I may have been off in my conversions because they are very greasy and took forever to bake, coming out of the oven extremely soft and almost uncooked even after 40 minutes. They taste okay but I’m probably not going to make these again.

There seems to be a massive discussion going on about productivity during the Plague. Some are very productive while others are not, it depends on how you channel stress, I think. Some people channel it into work and creative pursuits while others need the down time to process and rest. No one way is better or worse.

The social isolation that is needed to prevent infection right now is making coping with the stress of this situation worse for many people. Call a loved one and have a long conversation, get on webinars and zoom meetings if you can. Reach out to those you love, everyone needs support right now no matter how productive and busy they seem.

My sister shared a wonderful article about the same topic:

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