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This Year (2013)

I got the below questions from a life hacker post, listed at the bottom of the post:

Ready? Here goes:

What are the 5 things of 2012 that you are most proud of?

1. I completed my book 2. I moved to a different state. 3. I got a new job. 4. 5.

What new connections have you made, and how have these shaped your life?

1. New job. 2. New community. 3. New people and dates.

What experience has made you the happiest?

1. Weekends out with friends.

Who has made you happiest?

1. Friends.

What have been the best moments in your career this year?

1. I started a new job and am learning a new system.

What changes would you make to your career in 2013?

1. More dedicated time to study for expanding my knowledge.

What challenges did you overcome this year? How did you do it?

1. Depression, still working on it.

What has held you back from achieving what you wanted to do this year?

1. Procrastination and doubt.

What can you do in 2013 to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

1. Set goals and hold myself accountable.

What habit did you acquire this year that has made a difference?

1. Trying to make a habit of going to the gym, and on and off thing still. 2. Trying to make a habit of once or twice a week having a study night, still now consistent.

What habit has prohibited you from achieving what you wanted this year?

1. Procrastination, not doing something right when I notice it needs to be done.

What habit do you want to enable in 2013 that will make a difference?


What was your biggest mistake in 2012? What have you learned from this?

1.Wasted a lot of money on classes for Tai Chi and deposits for apartments while looking for a place to live.

What else have you learned this year?

1. Deadlines are great motivators.

What are 3 words that sum up your year?

1. Change. 2. Stress 3. Upheaval.

If you were to live 2012 all over again, what would you do differently?

1. Not but all those down payments down on dif apartments that I did not commit to moving to.

Describe what your ideal life looks like. Perhaps that is 5 years from now, perhaps it’s 10 years or even 20 years. Be realistic with what you think is possible, and think deeply about what you would absolutely love to be doing. You can use the questions below as thought prompters.

What are you doing? – Working, writing, and riding horses. Who are you with? – does not matter. Where are you? – In a nice small house with a yard, in a good job where I have time to write and have hobbies. Where do you live? – does not matter. How do you spend your day? -weekend or after work, working in the garden or at home with my dog, riding on the weekends. What income are you earning? -about what I make now. What’s generating your income? -work.

It’s important to gain clarity around where you want to get to in the longer-term before setting specific goals for the year, as you want your goals to be aligned to and help you progress towards your ideal life.

3. Set Your Goals

Here is where we get specific. Using the inputs of the ideal life and reflection exercises, start thinking about what can be achieved realistically in 2013. Write SMART goals that you can achieve this year. To recap on SMART:

S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Relevant T – Time bound Set yourself stretching targets. Psychologists have proven that incorporating the above elements from SMART into your goals and also making them “stretching” is the most effective way of ensuring motivation, drive, commitment, performance and ultimate success. Just remember that they also need to be realistic and achievable, otherwise you will demotivate yourself. Your goals should be aligned to your ideal life—if they’re not, ask yourself why you are even considering putting it down on paper and committing to it. Next Steps You know where you want to go and you’re set up for success this year! You’re now ready to take action. You should have a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to get to longer-term, as well as specific and measurable goals that can create amazing change in your life this year. Change and progress happens one step at a time. The most important thing is that you actually take that first step. Momentum is a beautiful thing: once you start taking a few baby steps, you will learn to walk, and once you’re walking properly ,you’ll learn how to run. Your habits will be defined, and they will start to create success for you.

Goals for the year?

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