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The Benefits of Being Sick

I can hear the feedback now, "What do you mean there are benefits to feeling like death?" Well, I mean as a writer. Yes, you feel like death warmed over but it also means that while you are not sleeping because you are coughing your lungs out each night you can sit up for hours and plot out various stories you are working on. I recommend recording these ideas for later since you might not remember most of them in the morning.

I spent most of last night curled under blankets trying to find a position where I did not wake up every ten minutes trying to drown. In the times between blowing my nose I plotted out the next three chapters of my Collapse story and picked away at the Mother Assassin idea that my parents are pushing at me. Now if I can just find the time to write all this crap down before I forget it I will be in business.

Any excuse to drink massive mugs of tea is a good thing, right?

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