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The Answer is Yes

Looks like I am not the only one that wants to say “Yes” to a new year. Found this wonderful post on a new blog I am coming to love.

Saying yes is putting yourself out there, wielding the strength that is complete vulnerability, and letting yourself be swept away by the possibilities.

Saying yes is the ultimate positive action you can take for your life.

Saying yes is facing your fears and taking big emotional risks.

Saying yes is doing the things that scare you, not just doing them one moment but reminding yourself to do them day after day.

Saying yes is recognizing that life thrives on constant change and new experiences, whether you like it or not, and going with this flow.

Saying yes is, oftentimes, being uncomfortable.

Saying yes is being open to change, to growth, to the idea that you can and will be an even more awesome person than you were the day before.

And most of all, saying yes is one big freaking “SCREW YOU!” to whatever you did yesterday, this morning, or five minutes ago that you didn’t like, and realizing that each moment holds new potential, a new opportunity to change your life.

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