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Sunday Fun Day

Today is getting caught up on chores before my first day back at work. It is going to be interesting working from home after so many weeks off for medical leave.

Groceries are done and it was probably the most polite trip I’ve ever taken, no one being rude, no crowding, no one rushing down the isles. I have enough snacks and treats and healthy things to keep me happy for a month or more. Reuben will be set after I make a run for dog food later in the week.

The next home event will be setting up my porch garden, seriously running late since I wasn’t allowed to move and carry things until this week. Herbs, tomatoes, and maybe a few zucchini plants are in the works.

I picked up melatonin gummies to try and get back to a normal sleep schedule. It is strange that I’m up at 2 in the morning but exhausted all day thanks to starting back my immunosuppressants. If nothing else it’s helping add to my reading more.

I’m avoiding dystopian and disaster books for now which leaves a lot of war and science fiction books on my to be read list. I’m having too much anxiety to read anything depressing right now. Most of my series are coming of age books where the hero/heroine work through their problems and save the kingdom or at least themselves.

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