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Stuck on Go

Last year was my enlightenment year about being stuck. I realized I had been putting off going different places because I did not want to travel alone or I wanted to go there with a significant other. Well, I did not want to wait the year or more that finding a significant other would take. I wanted to travel while I could. Which was now!

So… I started planning a trip to Seattle, Washington simply because I wanted to go. I talked with parents and friends about it and managed to get my best friend to go with me. We had a blast and learned we traveled well together so now I am planning a trip to London and Scotland next year. Earlier this year I went on vacation by myself for a week when no one could go with me. I still had a good time. I have been putting off going places for fears that never came true. I thought I would hate being alone the whole week and there were days I did not have a lot of fun but there were other days that were amazing. Plus since I was alone I could do whatever I wanted. I drove to North Carolina two days in a row just to go to this small beach town I found by accident one day. I doubt I would have done that if I had been with someone else.

So now I am picking one place I want to see every year, no matter where it is and I am going.

My other hang up is the eternal “When I finish school…” refrain. Well, I finish school in December so I have no excuse not to start doing all the things I want to do. Like taking dance lessons at night, or learning how to bind books, or taking my bike for a spin just because I want to. My want to do list is about to get a lot shorter 🙂

Check out the article that started this rant here (http://viewfromwitsend.wordpress.com/?p=1412).

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